Lucid Dream

Art Lover, you’re welcome

How does it work?

- Generative Art is a long process combining coding and imagination, to create them you need to:

- Train one A.I millions of time until you get the result you want.
- The A.I are mixing 2 images or 1000 images with one sketch.
- You can train them to a specific kind of art like Abstract, Cubism, Modernism, Impressionism and much more.
- After this long process your imagination and creativity take place, it's all fun and wonder. ( If you have more questions don't hesitate to DM us, we will be pleased to share and talk with you )

Road Map

Phase 1: 22 October, 18:00 UTC. The art work will be released for a price of 1.5 SOL

Phase 2: Creation of a private group for holders where we will teach you guys how to make your own generative art, you will also be eligible to nft AirDrop from other project or from us (we will be releasing only 1 collection, the airdrop will be unique pieces.)

Phase 3: Collaboration with painting artists to make physical version of our creations (Paintings will be send to holders, 1 nft = 1 entry, 100 paintings will be available. Way more details in our DiscordđŸ˜‰


We are a team of 2 friends living in Paris, addicted to NFT and digital art

– One is working in an art gallery and doing digital art

– The other one is a blockchain developer 

Our goal is to develop digital art and show the power of nft to everybody